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Mira Pet Food Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the manufacturing and selling of dog food, cat food, pet food and the export of pet supplies. It cooperates with one large pet food production base of China which was founded in 2017 to undertake customized pet food production business. The factory has a variety of pet food production lines to meet the diversified product needs of customers. We offer a variety of customized services, such as various formulations, flavors, various nutritional needs and various packaging formats. The main products cover two categories of dog food and cat food, involving pet treats, freeze dried pet food, wet food, dry food and other products.

Pet Care Center

  • Cat owner cognitive biases in reported cat health.

    Cat owner’s observations may prove to be biased towards their own preconceived notions. Dodd structured her survey to avoid biasing people towards being a booster for their particular diet philosophy. “Pet diet can be a very emotional subject for people to think, speak, and answer questions about...

  • Don’t bother ! Is it better for cats to eat wet food or dry food?

    Should my cat eat wet cat food or dry cat food? It seems that many shit shoveling officials have struggled with it. In fact, whether it is wet cat food or dry cat food, as long as it is regular, it can generally be used for Cats provide essential nutrients. Therefore, th...

  • Pet dog food and cat food manufacturer China factory

    Factory direct wholesale and retail. Pet dog food, cat food, we are looking for regional agents in the world. Mira Pet Food co., Ltd mainly produces canned food, freeze-dried food, ham sausage, pet treats, etc. Aseptic workshop, ingredients, high proportion of fresh meat...

  • The most complete dog food selection guide, don’t miss it!

    There are many types of dog food on the market, and novice owners may not be able to choose a dog food suitable for their dog in a short time. If you buy it casually, you are afraid that it will not be suitable for your dog; if you choose carefully, there are many types of dog food, so how exactl...

  • Tips for choosing cat food

    A. Why should the grain content in cat food not be too high? Cats who eat too many grains are more likely to develop diabetes and obesity. With enough protein and fat in the daily diet, cats do not need carbohydrates to survive healthy. But the average dry food on the market often contains a lot ...

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